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10 misconceptions about responsive design

Published on October 22, 2014, by in Graphics.

Whenever a new and better way of doing things is discovered, a lot of myths are generated. The market gets flooded with misconceptions about the technique and the common man becomes hesitant about adopting the product or technique for his own use. Responsive web design is one such power-packed technique that has a lot to offer, but comes with its own bag of stories that are not true. In this post, we debunk 10 popular myths about responsive web design that is in-demand and slowly catching up in the web design circuit. Myth #1: Responsive Web Design (RWD) is focused on mobile users RWD is an all encompassing technique that tries to accommodate all internet-enabled devices. The sudden explosion of web-enabled mobile devices has made designers look into the aspects of how a page will look on the mobile, the tablet, and all other devices. But what matters most is


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