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New animation techniques used in The Amazing Spiderman 2

Published on September 29, 2014, by in Animation.

With the revamp of the Spiderman franchisee and the release of The Amazing Spiderman, new standards were set for the Hollywood animation and special effects industry. The 2014 sequel of the movie gave us three new villains along with the creative opportunity to take Spiderman stunts to new heights. In this iteration, Peter Parker has become proficient in his swinging skills and is somewhat of a thrill seeker, swinging through the city canyons and enjoying the adrenaline rush of leaping from tall buildings and free falling until the last possible second before firing his digitally enhanced web shooters.   Director Mark Webb was particularly sensitive about making sure that the physics remains grounded and believable. To meet that directive, special tools were created by the development team to assure that the gravity and other physical properties remained in check. Wherever possible, if exaggerations were made, the tools served as a


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