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Job profiles in design

Published on December 5, 2014, by in Career Guidance, Graphics.

Many a times we have come across aspirants asking us questions like “what is the difference between a creative director and art director?” or “what does a web designer do as opposed to a graphic designer?”. The design industry has followed an exponential growth in the past few decades and an army of talent serves to fuel this industry. That is why we have dedicated this post to the numerous and varied job profiles in the world of design. Creative/ Design Director The Creative/ Design director has The overall responsibility of overseeing the development of graphic/ print/ web design. S/he is the creative head of the design firm or advertising agency. S/he directs the theme and overall tone of the project that is to be carried out.   Art Director The art director sets in motion the overall tone and conceptual direction for the project. The art director communicates the


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