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How is watching a movie on IMAX better than a regular screen?

Published on June 29, 2018, by in Filmmaking.

Movie goers swear by the audio-visual quality that IMAX provides. The movie watching experience is enhanced. As a result the ticket prices for IMAX shows are much higher than the regular movies. Even though IMAX theatres were introduced in 1971, they gained popularity much later in the 2000s. Ever wondered what is it that sets IMAX apart from the regular theatre? We got a list of differences for you. Screen sizes IMAX theatres have a dome circular and huge plain screens that almost cover the entire theatre and makes you feel like a part of the film. Whereas normal theatres have plain and regular screen of limited pixel resolution. The screen size difference is so much that IMAX screens are six times larger than regular theatre screens.     Film Formats Regular film formats are either 35 mm or 70 mm. Whereas IMAX film formats are 15/70 mm. This means


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