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Exodus: Gods and Kings – VFX breakdown

The biblical story of Moses & his journey to Mount Sinai, where he receives the Ten Commandments, has long been an inspiration for story tellers. The latest in the line of interpreters is Ridley Scott with his Exodus: Gods and Kings. Although the film ran into controversies before release due to the liberties taken by Scott & Christian Bale (in the role of Moses), the grand visual spectacle was enough to silence critiques once the movie released. Striking special effects & cinematography were utilised to tell the fascinating story of Moses as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton) & leads the Hebrews to Mount Sinai. In this blog we take you behind the scenes & bring you a VFX breakdown of the grand spectacle. Parting of the Red Sea For those who have seen the previous versions of the story, the parting of the Red Sea


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