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The ultimate colour combination cheat sheet for graphic designers

Last week we blogged about ways to choose a colour theme for effective graphic design, and since then, we have been getting a lot of queries. So we decided to take it a step ahead, and provide you with a colour combination cheat sheet. Of course, there is nothing right or wrong, and most of this depends on your creativity & aesthetics. But there are some colours that complement each other, and it is always useful to know the rules before you break them. Keep this colour combination cheat sheet handy & hit the bull’s-eye every time with impressive graphic designs. #1 Complementary colour Complementary colours are those that are right next to each other in the Itten colour circle. But don’t be confused by the term complementary. These colours can either be supplementary or contrasting. But the combination of these colours will give a vivid and energizing effect. #2


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