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A brief history of digital gaming

Published on November 14, 2014, by in Gaming.

Digital gaming is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the time of indoor games; only changing its form. Digital gaming has evolved over the years and has become an independent industry with great creative and professional potential. Origins (1940 – 1960) The beginning of video games has its foundations in the attempts of developing artificial intelligence. From the installation of the very first ENIAC computer to the present day powerful microprocessors; video games have always witnessed growth along with developments in hardware and software. This is why it is difficult to pinpoint the very first video game ever created. There is a large possibility that any number of puzzles, arcade and card games and/ or military simulations that have long been forgotten from human memory could be contenders for the first video game. And yet, Nimrod, launched in 1951, is the very first popular, commercially available video


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