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10 tips to remember while creating content for mobile phones

Published on October 29, 2014, by in Animation, Graphics.

Ever since the Android and iPhone explosion, the market has witnessed a flurry of developers who have jumped in to the race to create apps for such phones. But mobile devices vary as much as snowflakes, with no two devices ever being the same. Different sizes and resolutions can play havoc on your app. In this post we bring you the top ten tips to remember while designing content for a mobile device. Tip #1: Two minutes of content Research says that after about 90 seconds of absorbing content, the user begins to lose concentration. Segmenting animation into 2-minute frames is a great way to cheaply and efficiently send content across mobile networks today. Tip #2: Animation works best As opposed to the presentational mode often seen in traditional video, animation brings a more exciting and relaxed style. Animation tends to keep the viewer engaged in the content. For example,


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