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Animation Industry

Published on September 4, 2012, by in Animation.

Remember how, as a child, we used to spend our evenings watching cartoons –applauding Spiderman or Power Rangers beating up the bad guys or laughing heartily at Tom & Jerry’s antics. When I was growing up, I always wanted to create a cartoon movie of my own. I often dreamt of creating my characters, designing their look & cooking up my own super-hit series. Animation is nothing but putting life in a character. In the simplest terms, it refers to making a character move as per a designated set of instructions.  But, did you know the character or cartoon in itself does not ‘move’? Surprising, isn’t it? But, animation is actually your vision playing tricks on you in a way- it gives an impression that an object is moving by rapid display of sequence of events. You can do a lot more with animation and graphic designing other than just



Creativity in the Animation Industry

Published on August 2, 2012, by in Animation.

Have you have ever combined red and green colour to get yellow? Do you see various shapes in a crumpled paper ball? Do you love making small figures, idols and shapes out of wet sand or clay? Do you dream of capturing the whole world with your camera? If all the above interest you, you are in the right industry. Welcome to the world of animation-the world of creativity.Creativity is nothing but one’s passion to do things differently. Sometimes, it is real fun to think out of the box and create something new, something different. The Animation sector is one of the fastest growing industries, says NASSCOM, which has projected the Indian Animation industry to reach $1.16 billion in revenues by 2012. According to another report by PWC, the animation, VFX and gaming industries continue to grow at a steady CAGR of 21.4% to touch INR 82.6 billion in 2015


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