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Disney: Animation to live-action

Published on July 20, 2016, by in Animation, Filmmaking.

It all started with Alice in the Wonderland. Then there was Maleficent, and Cinderella, and The Jungle Book. Of course, now we are waiting for Beauty & the Beast. Yes, we are talking about the Disney live-action movies that are an adaptation of their own animated films. Let’s take a look at 10 upcoming movies that Disney is turning into a live-action adventure. #1 Tink Introduced to movie audiences in Peter Pan (1953), Tinker Bell is Disney’s unofficial mascot. She is present not only in its multimedia advertising, but also in its theme parks. She also has her own series of successful direct-to-video animated films. Now she is ready to hit the big screen once again, this time in live-action. A little bird, or may be a little fairy, told us that the movie will star (and be produced by) Reese Witherspoon. Of course, it goes without saying that we


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