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History of Special Effects in cinema

Published on August 22, 2012, by in VFX.

While talking about visual effects used in movies, I always love to remember Star Wars (1977) – Into the trench, Start Trek (1982), The Birds (1963), King Kong, Aliens (1986), Terminator 3, Jurassic Park, Independence Day & 2012 because of exceptionally convincing, heart stopping, ground breaking  special effects incorporated in these films. However, while searching the internet about top ten special effects shots, I found only Hollywood Blockbusters and not a single Bollywood or Tollywood movie in that list. Hollywood Special effects & VFX industry has completed their 100 years. Also, Bollywood celebrates its glorious 100 year-stint. I would like to throw some light on interesting facts about the history of VFX in cinema. The journey of Special effects started in the year 1880 (thanks to the phenomenon of persistence of vision by British physician Peter Mark Roget), where films used visual magic to produce illusions & trick effects to



VFX in Films

Published on August 17, 2012, by in VFX.

It was a revolution when the world’s first film was released. It was amazing to see a moving sequence on a screen. It started with a few frames proceeded by a few seconds, then minutes and now we enjoy hours worth of content on the small & big screen alike. Change is the law of nature and this applies to the film industry as well. Earlier movies were mute, monochromatic films. Later, we had the ‘talkies’ with the introduction of sound. After a few years, coloured films were released to enhance the entertainment value. But there is one more factor which has revolutionized the way we look at films and that is Special Effects /Visual Effects. Visual effects (VFX) in today’s movies not only create breath-taking scenes, but also bring down production costs since many scenes/shots are  produced with VFX. It was not an easy task earlier to create Special


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