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Zootopia: Behind the scenes

Published on March 28, 2016, by in Animation.

We are all going awwww over Disney’s latest ‘talking animal’ movie, Zootopia. So we thought, why not take you behind the scenes of this amazing adventure. From Mickey Mouse to The Jungle Book, talking animal movies have been a favourite Disney theme. With Zootopia, they have gone a step further. Here the animals not only talk, they walk, wear clothes, and go to work. In short, if they were not animals, they’d be humans. But there is more behind the scenes that made this wonder possible. Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios Start at the beginning Even before the animators started to break down the sequences, they spent close to 18 months researching movements, hair & personalities of all kinds of animals. This helped them decide all the animals that would feature in the film & in what roles. Of course, as is always the case with research, close to 80%



Investing in education? Get set for fantastic returns!

Published on March 15, 2016, by in Career Buzz.

Rs. 50 for snacks at the college canteen. Rs. 500 for a smart outfit to wear to office. Rs. 5000 for education that gets you ready for a successful career – for life. In our world, everything of value comes at a price. If you pay nothing, you will get nothing. Same goes for education. “Gain the right job skills and achieve your dream career.” This sounds simple, but it may not always be. Getting the right job skills costs money. And obviously, no one wants to spend money without knowing what the benefits will be. “Are the fees worth it?”  “Can I afford to pay?”  “Are there EMI options?” When selecting the right training for your career, you will definitely ask yourself these questions at some point. The way to answer these questions is to weigh what you are giving against what you will get. Education is an investment


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