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6 animation tips for animators

Published on December 24, 2015, by in Animation.

Animation studios are equal amounts of fun, hard work & competition. You must continuously evolve your skills, and upgrade your abilities to work in a team. We bring you six tips to achieve success as an animator.   Focus on strengths Understand your and the teams’ abilities. Efficient division of labour can lead to a well-made movie. It is best to play to everyone’s strengths & weaknesses. It is good to push people to develop new skills, but not in the middle of a project. Don’t force a good art designer to create lighting set up. Let each person on the team contribute to the best of their abilities. Of course, once a project is over or when you have some free time on hand, encourage members to learn new skills. Set them small goals to test progress, and guide them to go further.   Communicate There’s no such thing



The Good Dinosaur: unknown facts

Published on December 21, 2015, by in Animation.

Pixar’s latest release, The Good Dinosaur made people wonder what would happen if dinosaurs were still around. Like Spot, we may or may not have behaved like dogs. But we sure could have made some new friends. Did you know, when Pixar first announced the movie, it was jokingly titled ‘The untitled Pixar movie about dinosaurs’. They even created a logo. Here are a few more unknown facts about the film. Read till the end for a very special surprise! Source: UTV Motion Pictures Story Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur will remind you of Disney’s The Lion King. It is the tale of Arlo, a lost, little dinosaur as he loses his father & family, makes new friends, and finds his way home & his courage. The inspiration for the story came to Bob Peterson, one of the writers of the film, from his childhood memory of a trip to New


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