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VFX of The Walk

Published on November 18, 2015, by in VFX.

Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk was a biography of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit, and was based on the high-wire walk between Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on August 7, 1974. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, highlight of the film was the believable recreation of the historic walk. Gordon-Levitt trained under Petit, and shot for the climactic wire-walking scenes on a soundstage. But the real magic happened behind the scenes when Atomic Fiction, led by visual effects supervisor Kevin Baillie reproduced the final walk for the film. Besides Gordon-Levitt’s training, the VFX process involved lengthy previs, a green screen studio in Montreal, simulcam setups, stunt doubles, face replacements, meticulous replication of 1974 New York and the Towers, innovative cloud rendering, and some neat compositing. High-wire planning The team was sure that they had to create a set of the rooftop of the World Trade Center Towers and the rest would be


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