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Three tips on achieving an awesome animation performance

Published on August 20, 2015, by in Animation.

Animation is nothing more than a few drawings or models moving on screen. Then how do these lifeless objects give brilliant performances? From Timon & Pumbaa singing hakuna matata in The Lion King to Carl & Ellie in Up, what or, rather, who is it that makes them give their best performance? Of course, the simplest answer is the director of the film. But the director cannot play all the parts. This is where animators come in. They are not only responsible for bringing the characters alive, but also for their performance. In short, animators are the real actors behind the scene. We bring you three factors that help animators achieve awesome performances that make you return to these films again & again. Playfulness Animation is a serious job. But being playful is part of the job. As we grow up, we tend to lose our sense of imagination &


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