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How to Shoot a Miniature Effect

Published on June 19, 2013, by in VFX.

Miniature is a very common term in the process of visual-effects film making. In the process of miniature shoot the real life object is duplicated to a smaller size. The concept of miniature has been used in many Bollywood and Hollywood films like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Cliffhanger, Terminator, Batman Begins, Ra-One and many more. Shooting miniatures is a very creative and interesting process. One needs to understand perspective, size, scale and proportion. There are a lot of visual effect courses that help you understand the basic and core elementsto help you enhance your visual effect skills. It’s not just a simple or small-size toy or model, which is used in miniature shoots. In fact, the details have to be more precise in the miniature sets/models, so that it should not look like a toy after the shoot. How We Shot a Miniature Effect? Inspired by old documentaries on miniatures,


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