Abstract Effects in Houdini

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Chris Hempel

8 Weeks


Visual Effects (VFX) is an essential part of Bollywood and Hollywood movie making process. any superhero movies or science fiction films are incomplete without VFX.

Students will be introduced to the complete VFX creation process (pre-production, shooting, and post-production). This course will also include latest industry techniques for rotoscopy, cleanup, camera tracking, color correction, camera projection, and compositing. This in-depth knowledge will provide students a good idea in planning and pursuing their career and choosing a discipline that matches to their aptitude.

Day 1

    Speaker introduction and Showcase.

    VFX Shooting process

    HDRI Shooting process

    Production pipeline for VFX Shot:

    Rotoscopy and Cleanup process

    Camera Matchmoving

    3D asset with lighting and rendering

    Compositing process

    Example - VFX shot of Hollywood movie :

    QC process for roto, clean up, Camera Matchmoving, and Compositing

    Q & A

Day 2

    Example - VFX shot of Bollywood movie

    QC process for roto, clean up, Camera Matchmoving, and Compositing

    Introduction to Stereoscopy and Indepth understanding of it

    Introduction to stereo movies

    Basics of stereo

    Stereo pipeline

    Explanation of different fields/disciplines that exists currently in the VFX industry and how a student can plan and advance step by step.

    Q & A

What you will gain from the session?

Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of the working of the VFX industry. Students get to see the structured workflow of various VFX shots, right from Planning, Shooting, Executing, Composting work-flow, Quality check process and Delivery structure. They get to know the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood projects and the methodology each adopts in delivering shows.

Mr. Prashanth V Srinivasan

Prashanth is a highly competent professional with more than 12 years of experience in areas of Compositing, 3D, and Shoot Supervision.

He began his career as a 3D Artist from the 4 time National award winning studio Indian Artists and later worked in other studios like Blackmagic Design, Reliance Mediaworks/Digital Domain, and Riva, to name but a few. His international experience includes working in Singapore, USA, and Poland. Having a strong understanding of 3D as a Generalist, he further diversified his knowledge into the field of Compositing and 3D Tracking for Feature Films and Commercials.

He has also Shoot-Supervised couple of major projects such as Gajini, Anybody Can Dance 2, 24, and House Next Door, to name but a few.

He is also trained in Drawing and Painting from Art Expressions, Chennai and aid from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.