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Chris Hempel

8 Weeks


Short filmmaking concentrates on the importance and techniques of making short films (shorts).

In this series, we will learn the working methodologies of a film director. We will understand how a story is developed based on a client brief. The story is again converted into a screenplay. The storyline again inspires the overall design fundamentals of the film.

Throughout these classes we will go through the steps of creating a story, designing characters, sets and costumes. We will understand the design principles. In addition, we will understand the overall art of filmmaking and also the objective behind making a short. The course will take us through storyboarding and composition principles. We will understand the aspects of animatics, lighting and cinematography as well as essence of editing and sound.

Day 1

    What is Film Making?

    What is Short Film Making?

    Why Short Film Making?

    Director's Role in Film Making

    Independent Short Film

    The key objectives of making a short

    Story Development



Day 2

    Design Theory

    Character, Costume, Set Design

    Inspirational Sketches

    Storyboarding and Composition

    Colour Keys


Day 3

    Animatics and Scratch Sound


    3d Previz

    Lighting and Cinematography


    Sound Design

    You are done with the Film. So what NEXT?


What you will gain from the session?

The session will help students to have a better understanding of the ever evolving short filmmaking techniques. Students will be able to perform a needs analysis and develop a short based on the collated design elements, such as character and background designs. Students will learn the composition and creating animatics and 3D Previz. They will understand the principles of cinematography, lighting principles and also make use of color keys. Students will be able to work on the overall appearance and development of any short film and achieve wonderful output within a stipulated timeline.

Mr. Siddharth Maskeri

Driven by the sheer passion to tell stories, Siddharth Maskeri took a conscious leap from the field of microbiology into the field of storytelling and animation. He made his debut to Indian Cinema with his story - Masti Express. After a decade of experience in 2012, he was sponsored by the French Embassy to visit the acclaimed animation festival Annecy to share his projects with the international market. The versatile writer / director and producer has developed a variety of stories ranging from motivational stories for kids to an adult dark comedy based on the recession. He has directed interactive experiences for the Bihar museum. He has been a show creator for some of the leading animation companies in India. His love for sharing the art of story ideation, visualization and 3D animation has provided a healthy ground for students across several animation schools across India.