Abstract Effects in Houdini

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Chris Hempel

8 Weeks


Production Design-Environment concentrates on the phase of further developing ideas and planning prior to the process of animation production. For most films, the Production Designer is the head of the film's Art Department. They usually take what they get from the director of the film and conceptualize from there. The Art Director is much like the Production Designer's second in command.

This course progresses from the ideation phase to the conceptual and design phase. The courseware will include design ideation, screenplay, layout, background concepts, colour key, framing and composition.

This course will take you through the actual process of pre-production that includes background designing, using principles of perspective for layout design and using interesting framing and composition.

Day 1

    Introduction to Maacinar

    Speaker Introduction and Showcase

    Introduction to Production Design/Visual Development

    • Designing the space
    • Role of a Production Designer in different mediums and its pipeline
    • From 2D to 3D, animation feature, live action full length feature, VFX films, gaming, comics, ad commercials, Film title designs etc.

    Stylization for the film

  • Process to reach a style of the film or content.
  • Planning the workbook- Style guide of the film

  • The book includes the do’s and don’ts for.
  • Characters
  • Environment /look and feel
  • Props
  • Fur
  • Foliage
  • VFX
  • Treatment of the camera
  • Q and A

Day 2

    Understanding the basics for the design

    • Elements of design
    • Principles of design
    • Composition
    • Lighting

    Understanding the Colour palette/colour theory.

    • o To understand the strength of colour script in the film
    • o The colour script is an early attempt to map out colour, lighting, emotion and moods in the film .it goes hand in hand with story development.

    Understanding the Camera – lens

    • How to choose the apt angle and a correct camera lens to translate the Particular emotion or space in the story
    • Using design theory to reach the final production design

    Q and A

What you will gain from the session?

The session will help students understand fundamentals of environment design. It will provide an insight of how an idea is conceptualized and taken through the design process. It will help students understand background design process. This will also help them to create thumbnails, sketches, and layouts. This course will give an over view of the color theory with regard to color key making. It will also give valuable insights to Camera framing and composition.

Rupali R. Gatti

A graduate in Applied arts and a professional Calligrapher and Lettering artist has more than two decades of experience in the field of animation and feature films.

She is a proficient Environment Designer whose work in short films, television commercials, episodic content for television channels, and full-length feature films have bagged compliments. Her skills and commendable work are seen in Bahubali, for which she has bagged two National Awards - Best Feature Film and Best VFX. Additionally, her short film, True Love Story has won the best animation film award in the SAIFF, IDSFFK, and 8th Jaipur International Film Festival. That's not all, she has worked on many more assignments in Environment Design and Concept Art in collaboration with renowned artists from the across the world.

She began her career in UTV toons (formerly known as RM USL-Ram Mohan-United Studios) and is currently working as Production Designer (Consultant) for Prana Studios Ltd.