Abstract Effects in Houdini

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Chris Hempel

8 Weeks


Architectural Visualization concentrates on the importance and techniques of 3D Architectural walkthroughs. It will cover, Research for the reference data. The session would include gathering references and studying Foliage, Landscape, Terrain types, Climatic condition and also Photo referencing process. This Maacinar would include creating concepts of location with the help of references.

Finally this course would take us through breakdown of concepts for 3D execution. This course would also include asset modeling, environment dynamics and matte painting.

Session Flow

    Speaker introduction and Showcase

    What MPC did (for the Jungle Book)?

    Digitally creating - Vast and dense Indian jungle

    MPC undertook extensive research, took photo shoots of the leaves, trees, boulders, foliages, terrains etc. based off which our MPC Assets team recreated the CG versions

    MPC to Showcase : 3Dscans, envDyn, Breakdowns, Contact sheets, etc

    Reference dailies/images – Set construction in sync with the Jungle Book Art

    Sources of Inspiration

    Interesting facts about Jungle Book

    Q & A

What you will gain from the session?

The session will help students to have a better understanding of the ever evolving VFX industry. The learning's of this Maacinar are as follows:

Research for the reference data (environments)




Climate conditions

Photo referencing process

Conceptualizing from references

Creating concepts of location with the help of references

Asset building

Breakdown of concepts for 3D execution

Assets to be modeled, Scanned,

Environment Dynamics

Matte Painting to be used

Approvals on the Assets (corrections and changes)

Final Directors view on the overall environments

Mr. Prashant Nair

Prashant Nair currently working as 3d assets HOD at MPC (Moving Picture Company). A fine art graduate from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, he has a decade of experience in 3d and VFX industry. He has worked in animation and also as a CG Supervisor in studios like Paprikaas and Technicolor.