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10 steps to great game design

Published on October 14, 2014, by in Gaming.

So you’ve decided to become a game designer? Wish to create the next Minecraft or NFS? Welcome to this post which gives you 10 top tips on how to effectively design great games. Keep in mind that this article does not deal with programming, only with the aesthetics and authoring of the game’s storyline. So let’s get started. Tip #1 – Develop a good parser The single most important element of developing great games is to develop a good parser. This is something most beginners neglect, and the effect can be seen throughout the game. The more options you equip your parser with, the more effective will be your game’s communication with the player. Tip #2 – Use good puzzle structuring Don’t force gamers to solve puzzles just out of the blue. If the puzzle or the maze isn’t well connected to the game, it’s probably best to scrap the



Mobile Gaming

Published on July 3, 2012, by in Gaming.

Stuck in a traffic jam or waiting in a queue or simply bored? Now, you can play your favourite Angry Birds, FarmVille or Words with Friends anywhere, anytime, thanks to the mobile gaming revolution. Mobile gaming is a craze that has revolutionized the hand held gaming experience on the go. The increased penetration of smartphones like Android devices & the iPhone, etc have made it much easier to download &play these games. Also, they provide a rich, realistic experience similar to computer based or console gaming, thanks to new & improved technology. A study by International Data Corporation, an analyst firm predicts the revenues from dedicated handhelds, mobiles, and tablets to cross $20 billion by 2015.   The leading companies that have dominated the mobile gaming space so far are Glu mobile, Rovio, EA Mobile, cap com, Gameloft, DeNA, and GREE.   Top 5 mobile games 2011   Zynga’s acquisition


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